05 September 2009

Bureaucracy Lulz.

So far this term, I have had to argue with school administration to convince them to use the same procedures they used last year (apparently there's like a one-year trans-friendly period after which it's the same old fucking shit) to avoid outing me to everyone in the whole world, and with doctors to avoid their diagnosing me with crazy trans disease instead of lupus (seriously, the rheumatologist felt I needed to settle my 'psychological issues' before um the ANA test was valid? GOD KNOWS). And today I'll try to convince a bank that my dirty trans money is good enough!

What fun.

For extra hilarity, the check I have to start an account with AND my proof of address are both from the Academy of American Poets (won a small contest; it's not the Newdigate or anything, but it brought in money). I am sure this inspires confidence in my ability to keep money in a checking account.